What A Way To Make An Impression!

S&T’s Human Powered Vehicle Team made quite a splash in San Jose, California today.

They sailed through safety inspections and did a good job with presentations before running sprints on the velodrome.

Nikia Chapman rode “Colossus” to a strong second-place in the women’s sprints, just behind our friends/arch-rivals from Rose-Huhlman, and Jonathan Sanders did the same in the male category, clocking somewhere near 37mph. We’re not sure if Jon had one run or two, because some stories say he had the second-fastest time, while other reports have him tearing up the track in the mid-40mph range before having a “squirrel” moment and crashing.

Not satisfied with just crashing, Jon wrecked right as he entered the time trap, somehow managing to slide all the way through fast enough to beat all but three or four college teams.

Tonight was the “innovation challenge” new for 2013, and we think S&T is in 2nd place, maybe 3rd overall.

Tomorrow? The endurance race which the Miners will absolutely have to nail to win the overall crown. Can they do it? Why not? They did just that last year.

Let’s all pull for the Miners! If they ride half as fast as they drove to California they should be just fine.