We are going to Nationals!!

Below is a wonderful letter from Sarah Padgett, leader of S&T’s Steel Bridge Team. Those who have watched this team design, build, test and practice/practice/practice know what a wonderful group of, as Sarah says, “people and engineers” this team is built from.
I am extremely pleased to announce that Missouri S&T’s Steel Bridge Team was incredibly successful at the Mid Student ASCE Conference. We took 1st place in Economy, 1st place in Construction Speed, 2nd place in Efficiency, and a very, very close 2nd Overall to K-State. We will meet them again at the National Competition.
I could not be more proud of all our members who made this bridge possible. You spent those countless hours thinking, planning, and doing. We woke up early and went to bed late. We stayed in the shop long after we were supposed to leave. We sacrificed our school breaks. We studied long into the night so that we could give more to our team. We spent hours designing and optimizing. We worked through our differences constructively. We were never afraid and as such, we can always say that we, as a team, made a final product that we can be proud of for the rest of our lives.
Everyone at competition behaved with the grace and kindness of people far beyond the typical maturity level of college students. Thank you for your resilience and flexibility in the face of unanticipated problems. An extra thank you to drivers and navigators–without you we would have gotten nowhere.
The leaders and I will come up with a list of those that we believe the team should pay for to attend competition. That will largely be based on finances because you all deserve to attend competition for what you have brought to this team. The latest is will be announced is at the General Meeting this Thursday. It is very important that you attend or read the minutes. From there, we will decide the logistics of how to get everyone there and who else from the team would like to go with the understanding that they would pay there own way.
It has been and continues to be my honor to work with you as people and engineers.
Thank you,

Now it’s on to Seattle, May 31st – June 1st!