It’s Tough To Change Hats From A Competitor To An Event Official

Miner alumna, former Human-Powered Vehicle team leader and uber-rider Whittney Metcalf had a rough weekend in San Jose, California, site of the ASME-sponsored west coast event. You’d think she’d have a front-row seat for all the action, but being a volunteer official kept her hopping.
She didn’t have much time to watch the races, sit in on the presentations or chit-chat with the team, as she had tasks to handle. Whittney did manage to catch a few minutes of the endurance race and it took every bit of her self control not to jump in the pits to help the team, or scream “GO ROLLA!!!!” every time Nikia, Peter or Jon flashed by.
Speaking of flashing by, S&T took 2nd in men’s and women’s sprints with Nikia Chapman being edged out by just 0.10 mph, while Jonathan Sanders’ sideways slide through the time trap was faster than many teams teams were able to drive across the line.
By now the Miner Human Powered Vehicle Team is approaching the end of the trip from the land of “everything is known to cause cancer.” They ended up in 3rd place overall, missing second by just .24 of a point out of 100.
Now it’s time to clean up, calm down, fix the bike and prepare for the east coast event, April 26th-28th, in Big Rapids, Michigan.