What Are YOUR Children Doing For St. Pat’s?

Campus is pretty quiet today. No classes, and most students are sleeping in. Or sleeping it off. Or both. But not the S&T Steel Bridge Team. They’re playing “So, you think you can build a bridge?
The bridge crew is practicing, practicing, practicing building their bridge. They’ve already had “build-offs” to choose the assembly crew, those who can safely assemble the bridge the fastest. Now it’s a question of reducing the assembly time to get the maximum points in the ASCE-sponsored regional conference next month.
Team leader Sarah Padgett has laid out an assembly area in a vacant storefront. This is a highly-choreographed exercise where even the bolts and nuts are counted. During one practice cycle one student hollered “I’m sorry, I had some of the bolts in my pocket!”
To make practice as realistic as possible Sarah even set up a three-chair table labeled “judges.” Sorta like a “So, you think you can dance/sing/eat/make a fool of yourself?” TV panel, but our “contestants” have high three-digit IQs, a strong work ethic, solid careers ahead of them, and will contribute to the quality of life of our society.
Something “reality” show contestants (and fans) can never hope to attain.