It’s Official! SAE Aero Conclave Names S&T AAVG The WINNER!

Mea Culpa for the papal analogy but it still rings true.

AAVGDSC_6636.jpgNot in modern times has a pope resigned, and not in ANY time has an SAE Aero team won the flying event without successfully, uh, flying.

The dedicated SAE folks put their heads together and did what was best for the spirit of the competition. S&T’s great presentation and strong design had them in the points lead going into the flying (crashing?) finals, so when the smoke (get it, smoke?) cleared, S&T was named the advanced-class winner and will receive a $1,000 check.

Winds were so tough that micro-class planes looked like mosquitoes flying into a leaf blower, and a few simply vaporized upon launch. Regular-class planes did somewhat better but really struggled to land in one piece, if they got off the ground at all.

Advanced aircraft generally elected not to challenge the wind so all of the surviving teams held off until Sunday’s calmer breezes.

That strategy paid off for S&T. They twisted a few more RPMs from a worn-out motor to join most other teams in getting off the ground, but none of them completed the flight tasks, leaving all the top teams tied for first. Or last. Either way, no one had a flight advantage, so S&T’s points lead held up, good for that $1,000 check.
Note: The unfortunate aircraft to the right was not S&T’s, just an all-too-common example of Saturday’s carnage.