Flying Miners In 1st Place!

Early today chief engineer John Schaefer reported that both S&T aircraft passed technical inspection at the SAE Aero competition at Lockheed Martin’s Recreation area, and that the AAVG presentation “went really well.”

It seems that John was understating things just a bit as the Miner took top honors in presentation and 3rd in design, staking the team to 1st place overall after day #1!

Tomorrow and Sunday the action moves to the new Thunderbird Field on Benbrook Lake, southwest of Ft. Worth, TX. A different part of the lake shore from previous years’ events, but there’s still a decent chance of a water landing if things don’t go quite right.

John added “we tuned the engine as best as possible, but didn’t have time for/didn’t want to risk a windy flight today.” It’s springtime in Texas and strong southerly winds can cause havoc with some of the less-sturdy aircraft, so better to be safe than sorry. There will be plenty of chances to risk the aircraft in the coming days.