Who Says Engineering Faculty Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor???

That may be the case at other universities, but not at MSM/UMR/Missouri S&T!
Friday, March 8th Miner faculty and staff will put on another sort-of-annual Faculty Talent (?)Show at Leach Theatre of Castlemann Hall to benefit S&T’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB).
If you are in town you owe it to yourself to attend the 7:30 p.m. event. You’ll hear fantastic musical and dance performances, enjoy watching Ph.D.s stripped of what little pride they have, and have a heckuva good time.
As much as we’d like to see Miner parents in the audience (so long as they actually buy tickets) it may not be such a good idea to see what our hallowed (or in some cases hollowed out) professors do in their spare time. It might burst parents’ confidence in an S&T diploma.
In all sincerity, folks, EWB team members do amazing humanitarian work, bringing infrastructure engineering solutions to remote communities in Central and South America. Clean water, sanitation, and erosion control are just some of the quality-of-life challenges Missouri S&T students take on. In exchange Miners get global engineering experience and the satisfaction that they CAN make a big difference one community at a time.
Can’t make it to the show? DVDs will be available afterwards, but it’s just not the same as the real thing.
Do us a favor and send a generous check to Missouri S&T EWB. It’ll do you, our students, and the communities they serve more good than you can possibly imagine.
Thanks! And don’t miss the mermaid in the show………..