The Phoenix Rises From……………….The SNOW??

Yes, it did, though it was mostly sleet that blanketed Rolla yesterday.
S&T’s Baja SAE Team is rising from the ashes of a couple of disappointing competition seasons, and rising high!
Team leader Wes Englund, along with project manager Kevin Scheier and Karl Hansen have resurrected the Baja! team and given it new direction. They want a prepared and professional crew to represent S&T and show what their teammates can do, individually and as a team. They’ve even taken the Phoenix as the car’s name, their mascot, and inspiration.
Wes’ crew recognizes that S&T Baja! usually produces good vehicles, but for 2013 they’ve decided to re-invent themselves, not the car. That means they are sticking with the base 2012 platform and double-checking all the engineering. Finishing last year’s systems, changing what needs to be changed, and coming back strong on behalf of Missouri S&T.
Design teams are not just about race standings or seeing how much mud and snow they can churn up. They are learning the critical organizational process which takes a design scrawled on a napkin and turns it into a marketable product.
Does that mean they don’t go outside and play in the dirt/mud/rain/snow? Of course not! We wouldn’t even put it past them to take a few laps around the golf course late at night. Let’s just hope they stay off the greens.


  1. Great job reworking the rear end guys! Looks like a winner! Bring home a long-awaited and hard-earned trophy.