What It Takes To Keep A Team Happy. And Solvent.

Team cohesiveness is a lot more than sharing a design program or two people spending long hours in the welding lab.
Notes from S&T’s Steel Bridge Team show a group that:
Holds Inventor Workshops, where they break into small groups for the newbies to learn the basics. Lead design engineer Samantha Smith emails “whether you are an expert at Inventor or a beginner like me, we would love for you to come!’
Attends “Steel Day’ events in St. Louis
Hosts cookouts at team members’ homes, and even the occasional bonfire celebrations at the team advisor’s mansion.
Car pools to dinner get-togethers at a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.
Spent a late October day raking leaves for fundraising. Jermy Jamison reported “…….we raked three yards and had a successful time doing so. We will be doing more of these in the future, so keep your ears open for future opportunities.”
He adds “……….make sure you “Like” the Steel Bridge page on Facebook so you can get the latest photos of all the events we do.”
“Liking” that FB page is a great suggestion. You’ll feel just like a team member, and hopefully be inspired to mail them a check. Or the keys to your late-model truck.
Don’t laugh. That’s how we scored a nice Mazda pickup truck last year.
Update: Samantha adds “we definitely try to keep a positive attitude so that our work seems more fun and not like a chore,” which mirrors the SDELC’s mantra of “Learn. Succeed. Have Fun”.