A Low-Tech Project Goes High Tech!

Anybody who’s seen a (comical) concrete canoe race probably wouldn’t think of the technology involved, but there’s a lot more to it than just getting wet. Each team must conduct exacting strength tests on concrete samples that precisely match the canoe’s materials, just as an engineering firm would do when building a skyscraper or a flood-control dam.
The 2013 Concrete Canoe Team is also using advanced technology to cut cross sections for the canoe form slowly taking shape in shop manager Richard Dalton’s sandbox. Richard rebuilt the CNC mill that the SDELC acquired last year, and Sonya Snyder’s team members were taking full advantage of the new capability today in house.
Look for more of S&T’s fourteen student design teams to put this gear to good use. After all, their future designs may be formed on machines like these, so it’s best to understand what happens once the design leaves the computer screen.