“We’re sitting pretty good!”

Reports team captain Nick Schweissguth “we got through scrutineering with only small things to correct, all of which are already done. Right now our #45 car is waiting in line for cost evaluation, and at 4:00 p.m. Derrick Denlinger and Matt Laurent will handle the presentation tasks.”
We’ve talked so much about how much tougher the European inspection process is, but it’s more different than tough. Nick says “The judges are very supportive of having U.S. teams here, and it really shows. If you don’t answer their questions to their satisfaction they’ll keep rephrasing the question until they get what they want. It seems more focused on teaching that what we are used to in the states.”
Derrick Denlinger says “The judges are used to seeing similar versions of the same cart, and they looked at us as if WE had the exotic foreign car.”
The Miners couldn’t just ship unlimited tools and spare parts over here. Logistical costs meant they had to make tough decisions about what to bring and what to leave behind. “We are pretty happy with what we’ve done given our limited resources”, added Nick, “and we hope to get rolling in the dynamic tests late today.”
Bits and pieces…..
As we speak race volunteers are watering down the skidpad area of the track. Driving on a wet track is something we haven’t seen at state-side SAE events.
Walking into the track facility you’ll see a small go-kart track. Or so we thought. It’s actually a race course for Formula 1-style radio controlled cars. Trust us, they go fast.
The Hockenheimring has plenty of food (schnell imbiss) booths offering everything from crepes to doner kabob (Turkish BBQ?), feuerwurste to salads, all at very reasonable prices. Should when you visit Germany, get off the autobahn for your meals. Smaller towns offer great food, great atmosphere, and great prices. And you won’t be stumbling over some hamburger clown. Even if he does serve beer.
EVERYTHING here is first class! The temporary PR tent is massive. Carpeted, air conditioned,

FutonDSC_7332.jpg FutonDSC_7343.jpg

wonderfully furnished, and the Brunel display has Relaxsit , the world’s most comfortable futons. Comfortable enough for even the old and infirm.


  1. Mike Schweissguth says

    Take Luck Nick! Looking forward to updates!