“We Have A Good Thing Going Here!”

Is the mood in the Missouri S&T paddock.
PaddockDSC_7459.jpgThe Miners took second overall in Autocross They posted the best overall time but cone strikes cost S&T four seconds in penalties, which is a lot when your raw score is 76.09 seconds on a 1.3KM course. Apparently all but one of the fastest teams hit cones as well, and oddly enough the cone that “died” the most was the first one out of the gate.
Cars spun out, went off course, sucked cones into their intakes, broke shifter links, chains, and anything else you could think of. Some electric cars simply stopped, but to be fair, so did some gas burners. Track marshals even found a piston connecting rod on the track. They returned it to the owner by following an oil trail leading to a big cloud of blue smoke.
In the meantime you can’t find a parking place within a mile of here. Folks are streaming in to watch more drag races, and a lot of the crowd is spilling over to the Formula Student event. We’re picking up more of a holiday atmosphere because all the testing and presenting is over. Now it’s time to go out and have fun on the track.
The camping area is thinning out after last night’s rain showers and there’s a big community fish fry going on, complete with a huge beer tent and a German (of course!) brass band. Playing uh, “Sweet Caroline!”*
*This one’s for you, Jack Carney! We didn’t know it was the 7th-inning stretch at Fenway! 🙂