Miners Fastest In Autocross!

ACDSC_7780.jpgS&T’s Alec Surrat pulled onto the course late in the day and simply blew the doors off the competition, electric AND gas-powered!
Conventional wisdom is that electric cars have the potential to perform better in autocross racing, but today wasn’t the case. In the raw scores Alec handily overtook Delft’s lead and crossed the finish line more than 1.5 seconds ahead of much smaller vehicles.
S&T didn’t actually win the event because cone strikes will add a few more seconds to the raw score, but it sure puts everyone on notice that this newcomer is quite adept at playing with the veterans.
S&T’s skidpad victory and superb autocross lap time means there’s been a steady flow of visitors in the S&T paddock. All wondering how something so big can be so fast.
Well, if they’d look over the fence at the drag races, they’ll see some big American funny cars doing the same thing.