Hurry Up And Wait……

S&T Racing has been busy this morning, checking and rechecking, because Tech inspection here will be very difficult. It’s nearly 1:00 p.m. local time, and the Rolla squad isn’t even in line yet. They’re way down on the list, but they better be ready when called.
Other odds ‘n ends………..
PitsDSC_7128.jpgThis event is extremely well organized. The checkpoint people are adamant that “no pass, no entry!” applies to everyone. In spite of that the atmosphere in the paddocks is pretty laid back, maybe because of the creature comforts in the pits. Each team gets a portion of a sparkling-clean Formula 1 garage; plenty of light, power, room, and even real bathrooms instead of the ubiquitous plastic cubicles.
Very short distances between pits and inspection points cut out a lot of walking time.
A few cars are running on the test track, so we get the cool “vroom-vroom” sounds associated with racing.
The team from Delft, Holland certainly brought their “A Game.” They showed up with a complete rolling machine shop, all bolted down to the floor of a canvas-covered commercial trailer.
Oddly enough as stringent as we see things here, there seems to be little requirement for safety glasses and other PPE. It’s obvious that OSHA’s reach doesn’t extend here, but the answer might be as simple as having fewer lawyers than the U.S.
Or that Germany doesn’t have the culture of backyard engineering that results in statements such as “Here. Hold my beer and watch this!”