Disneyland? NO WAY! We’re Headed To The NURBURGRING!!!!

What do race car engineers do after a big race? They go looking for other places to race, of course!
The Holy Grail of motorsports? Sorry, Indianapolis, it’s the NURBURGRING in the Eifel Mountains about an hour west of Coblenz, Germany.
A few of the Miners will go to the 1920s-era 15-mile track tomorrow and try to sneak a rental car out on what Jackie Stewart famously nicknamed “The Green Hell.” The wooded course is widely considered the most demanding and difficult purpose-built racing circuit in the world, and any racer worth her or his stuff absolutely dreams of taking a spin on its surface.
Never heard of the Nurburgring? Doesn’t matter, but trust us, you HAVE seen it on any number of sports car commercials.
After punching their race cards on that loop, they’ll head 1,000KM south to Monaco, and take a few runs at the Grand Prix course on the Mediterranean.
Tough job, these Miners have.