Summer Weekend Redux

Concrete Canoe Team member Sonya Snyder recently spent a few days in lovely Reno*, Nevada. Scenery? Sure. Vacation? Maybe. Learning? Definitely!
Sonya took a page from former team leader Julie Whitehead’s play book by scouting other rock canoe events. She attended the ASCE National Concrete Canoe races to find out just what it takes to get to the next level. No word on the stories, photos, or blueprints** that she may have spirited out of the nearly bankrupt state, but she’ll use those reports to improve next year’s boat and team structure.
*Did you know that “Reno 911” is not actually filmed in Reno?? Apparently someone thinks Los Angeles looks like it’s in the Sierra Madre mountains. NOT!
**Do kids these days actually KNOW what a blueprint is?