Summer Weekend, Part Trois

JoeMegatron is back home from the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition with a few new bumps and bruises. Late in the day “Joe’s” performance began to drop, apparently due to a failed video camera. Solution? Grab and mount a USB computer camera and hope for the best. It’ll take some time before the IGVC folks publish the results, but Nick Eplin says we ended up “……in the middle of the pack.”
Pretty good when 32 of 50 teams actually showed up, 16 of 32 teams actually qualified, so that could mean S&T took as high as 6th or 7th place out of, uh, 50 teams. Yeah, it’s a bit of stretch, but until the official results are known, we’ll run with that theory.
In the meantime, JoeMegatron will do an encore Wednesday night at S&T’s Robotics camp. Chief team ME Nick Marik will escort “Joe” to an evening seminar in an attempt to inspire the kids to become the next EEs and MEs to update and improve the ‘bot’s performance.