Qualified! With GUSTO!

Never get in the way of a robot on a mission.
JoeMegatron is the 15th out of 32 teams to qualify, and it left no doubt about its intentions and capabilities.
To qualify for today’s event each machine must find its way to specific waypoints while avoiding obstacles, but S&T’s robot is probably the only device that had to avoid moving obstacles. This morning’s waypoint was a popular viewing spot, as about 15 students set up camp right on top of the spot. Low voltage or no, Joe danced and weaved merrily into the RobSUN_7652.jpgcrowd, swerving around spectators and chairs alike. It it wasn’t easy as laughing students were scrambling to keep from getting run over.
Once on the obstacle course Joe headed directly to a different waypoint instead of taking the ‘approved’ course. John Anderson fixed the glitch and they’re heading back out, new battery on board, and torque up to spec.
And we feel a few raindrops……..