If It’s Not The Batteries, It’s The IGCV Evening Shade

Roughly fifty teams registered for the 2012 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition but just about of third of them are no-shows at the 20th anniversary version of this robot scramble. Of the thirty two teams that migrated to Michigan from Japan, Canada, India and the U.S., only fifteen have qualified to run tomorrow’s obstacle course.
As yet the Miners haven’t joined that group, but it’s not cause for concern. James Anderson said “we’d worked out the bugs in the AI system but when we started down the qualifying course JoeMegaton’s batteries ran low and that caused the emergency shut-down circuit to misfire. We ran a battery-charging cycle then headed back out to qualify, but the late-afternoon shadows seemed to confuse our sensors, preventing us from qualifying. We believe we’ll qualify first thing tomorrow morning and be able to run in most of the day’s heats.”
Shadows shouldn’t be an issue, but washed-out boundary lines might be. Morning showers/afternoon storms are predicted, so any ‘bots adjusted for high-contrast sensing may have trouble in the rain.
So say nothing of students and officials who must follow these metal machines across wide-open fields when there’s lightning about.