Batteries Are Your Friend. Most Of The Time

JoeMegatron hasn’t been holding the power it should, so the S&T crew pulled apart the ‘bot’s battery pack last night and found trouble.
The machine is designed around four 12-volt batteries for a total of 48 volts. Should power drop into the mid 30-volt range the “brain” acts as if it has severe caffeine withdrawal and begins to stutter and stammer, resulting in directional confusion. That’s not a recipe for IGVC success.
Turns out bad cells in one 12-volt pack were pulling down the whole system, so they yanked it out and sent a crew out to buy a new one. The remaining 36-volt pack is enough to power JoeMegatron, but is dangerously close to the voltage-reset level. And that’s not good.
They are still out there trying to qualify with one arm tied behind Joe’s back while other teams are competing in the first obstacle rounds.
Rain? Not yet, but it’s coming and looks like it’ll be with us for much of the day…………….Oh. Joy.