We Interrupt Formula SAE Coverage To Bring You This Rant!

What is it with California schools correction reporters?
A California university claimed their solar house team was the only undergraduate team to participate in the 2009 Solar Decathlon. The record will show, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that Missouri S&T (nee UMR) had undergraduate decathlon teams in 2002, 2005, 2007 AND 2009. That was a load of fertilizer that they never owned up to, despite REPEATED official pleas for accuracy.
Now, someone out there is claiming Cal Poly WON last week’s ASME Human Powered Vehicle Competition in Tooele, Utah.
Uh, we’re pretty sure S&T brought home the first-place trophy, because the Miners have already deposited the $1,400 check.
UPDATE: This fabulous racing photo was taken by S&T alum Amber Carver ME ’11, who came over the hill from her wildly successful new job at the big Kennecott Copper Mine to cheer on the Miners!
S&T (seen here blasting past east coast winner Rose Hulman) figured that Cal Poly had an insurmountable lead going into the last day, but the Miners pulled a miraculous rally to tie CP, and won on a tie breaker. Cal Poly had a classy, well-disciplned and -organized team, a great bike, super riders, and they are all good folks.
Maybe somebody wrote that article before the awards ceremony was over, ’cause that’s when things changed.
“Just the facts, Ma’am”, as sergeant Joe Friday used to say.
Edit: Upon further reading the story mentions the categories Cal Poly actually won, but never mentions they didn’t win the overall event. It did, however, say that “……..strong design contributed to the first place win.” “Takes the cake”, or “first place win” has but a single erroneous implication.
Nor does it mention who DID win the event
To call the story “incomplete” or “misleading” would be kind. In the journalism classes this writer took back in the day, the article would rate a C-. At best.
And a photo of one bike does not a race make. Two or more bikes? Now you have a RACE!