The REAL Start Of A Human-Powered Race!

The ASME and the University of Utah have been holding an engineering design competition that just happens to have three brutal races at the end.
The all-important endurance case kicks off with the madcap 15-yard milk-jug sprint (above). In the REAL racing world it’s known as a Le Mans start. The drivers race across the track to their waiting vehicles, all carrying one-gallon water jugs which serve as the “cargo” of the these prototype “utility” vehicles.
The actual cycling start bears a strong resemblance to the Friday afternoon quitting time at the S&T campus; total chaos, with the slower, but easier-to-mount trikes leading the way, followed by the “fast movers” of Cal Poly, Rose Hulman, S&T, and even the bamboo-framed bike.
The 2 1/2-hour long endurance race becomes a war of attrition, and not all cycles make it to the end. Crashes and breakdowns play havoc with the 17 teams involved. The best place for NASCAR-style crash fans is at the mandated stop sign. If your landing gear fails it is a near certainty that you will fall over on your side.
The good news? In the judges’ eyes, falling on your side IS considered a full and complete stop.