Porcupine Trail And A Satisfying Ride Home

What do you do after winning a grueling cycling design competition? Head to the desert and ride some more, that’s what!
Nikia Chapman and her herd/minions/support crew dropped into Moab, Utah for a half-day adventure in the home of the greatest mountain biking on the planet.
Porcupine trail is an incredible single-track biking trail through an area steeped in Native American history, and probably the site of more than a few John Wayne western movies.
If you want to get an idea of what their adrenaline-stoked little minds like to do, check out this video. These aren’t our crew, but be sure to take your Dramamine before watching the fun!
So now they scatter for summer jobs with visions of new engineering designs dancing in their heads………….
UPDATE: Here’s a little video the team put together for you!