Ocean View, Cool Breezes, Snow-Capped Mountains, And A Magnificent Motorsports Park

Life just doesn’t get any better than this!
The University of Utah is hosting the ASME Human Powered Vehicle West Coast event at Miller Motorsports Park, located in a broad valley about 30 miles west of Salt Lake City. To our north lies the Great Salt Lake (OK, it’s not an ocean but it IS salt water) spreading out toward distant peaks. To the east, a line of snow-tipped mountains juts from the valley floor. The western panorama is a lower mountain ridge partially obscured by clouds.
Just 100 yards to the south is the biggest automotive road course in the U.S., now occupied by a dozen or so brand new Ford Mustangs with middle-aged students learning performance driving. Over by the main gate Utah Highway Patrol officers are going through motorcycle training. They drive like a bunch of Shriners in a parade, but with fabulous-looking motorcycles and MUCH better-looking uniforms.
The track press room from which this story emanates commands a spectacular view of the grandeur, making it very tough for the lonely S&T student sitting just 10 feet away, taking his linear algebra final exam. Road trips are great, but grades come first.
UPDATE: The Mustangs are gone, and the track has been turned over to a ominous-looking Lemans Type II Prototype car. Sources tell us it’s owned by a prominent Hollywood actor and it’s the first time the car has turned a wheel, so we are in pretty good company. And it’s driving the exam-taker NUTS!