Lucky Elmo Socks, And A Screaming Performance

ElmoSUN_3474.jpgOh, was it cold, windy and cloudy this morning!
People were huddled in cars or dressed in as many sweatshirts as they could find, but it was Nikia Chapman and Jon Sanders that brought the heat, as bothMiners tore through the double-elimination heats like a hot knife, well, you get <img alt="YellSUN_3554.jpg" src="" width="450" height="276" class="mt-image-right"/ the idea.
Kronos’ lower profile handled the cross winds with little difficulty, and that mean more forward power instead of wobbling down the straight away. Nikia had a secret weapon>that the judges didn’t notice, her Lucky Elmo Socks. She was so pumped that by the time she returned to the start line she wasn’t even breathing hard. But she sure was screaming!Did we mention screaming? Well, there was some rather colorful screaming, and who knew Nikia could yell so loud?
When she lined up against Cal Poly in the drag race championship match Niki blasted off the line so fast she lost track of her competitor. She flew down the track and shot past the finish line, but when someone yelled “Cal Poly crashed!”, spectators couldn’t believe how loud the swearing was that came out of Kronos’ hard shell. Nikia was livid that she hadn’t beaten Cal Poly’s best effort, and before she even got out of the bike was shouting for a rematch.
ASME officials figured the safest choice was to give Nikia what she wanted, so a special “bragging rights” race was quickly added to the day’s schedule. And this time, there was no crash, and she was (Whew!) satisfied.
Tomorrow is another story. It’ll still be cold, but roughly 16 bikes and trikes will run a 2 1/2 hour endurance race on a .9 mile course that has lots of turns. And that means lots of crashes.
Scoring? The Miners took 5th in design, 1st in mens’ and women’s drag races, and Jon tells us that “we can win this thing if we win the endurance race and Cal Poly finishes no higher than 3rd place.”
And Nikia? If she goes “screaming” around the track it’ll probably unnerve most other teams, so she should establish a mighty lead for Missouri S&T.
The big question? Will they be able to pry her cold, stiff fingers from the handlebars so S&T’s male riders can get in at least one lap each?
The rest of the team (except for Jon) went to see the new Avengers movie. And Jon? Back at the hotel taking an exam.
G’nite, Gentle Readers!


  1. Merri chapman says

    Nikia’s parents know how loud the girl can scream! Ask Nikia about Angela and Hand in Hand … Nikia, we need to talk about the swearing part, though. Congrats to Jon, Nikia and the whole HPV team!
    Love ya girl,
    Mom & dad