Join A Design Team And See The World!

It’s final exams* week, but that’s not keeping the S&T Human Powered Vehicle Team from their tour of the Great Plains.
HPV groupRJD_0014.jpg
A couple of hours ago they crossed into Wyoming en route to Tooele, Utah for the ASME west coast event, where they hope to become co-national champions**. Rose-Hulman won the east coast event in a real squeaker, by just 1.1 points, so let’s hope for a little good-natured payback for our friends in Indiana.
Jon Sanders and Nikia Chapman did report a pair of most unusual topographical features alongside the interstate. Identical, low ancient hills that resembled pancakes topped by small, stubby cell phone towers. These massive protrusions were obviously worn down through the ages by the prairie winds and overgrazing.***
*These students didn’t skip their exams. At least one final exam, kept in a remote, secret location, will follow them to the competition site. And no, the U.S. Secret Service is NOT involved!
**Is there such a thing as co-national champs? Don’t know, but it sounds good.
***If you rock hounds want more geological details, you’ll have to talk to the team yourself.