Going In Drag. Races.

Yep, it’s straight-line drag racing today. Ross Jensen managed to repair KRONOS’ landing gear yesterday, so all seems well with the bike.
Here’s a smattering of thoughts about this team’s experiences/observations………..
Think this valley is pretty during the day? You should see it under the biggest full moon of the year. Spectacular!
When Nikia Chapman had a bad wreck at the east coast races her arm swelled up badly and her teammates couldn’t roll up her sleeve enough to assess her injury. When the EMT folks showed up and said “we’ll have to cut it off!”, Nikia panicked. She thought they meant her arm.
We overheard a comment yesterday that an old man in khakis and a matching photographer’s vest looks absolutely “adorable”. Hmmph. Sounds like the desert sun is messing with someone’s mind.
The Bonneville Salt Flats are just an hour west of here. You think the Miners aren’t drooling over the chance to run Kronos on the famous flats? There’s a lot of free time built into this event, so who knows what kind of trouble this group can get in to?
Winds may be a problem on tomorrow’s track race. The nearly one-mile-long kart track is very technical, which means LOTS of turns, very few straight stretches.
Ultimately, this is all about education, and as we like to say, there’s a lot more to engineering than just engineering. Stashed in the team trailer are tool boxes, luggage, and a slew of mountain bikes. On the way home they’ll visit Arches National Park and go off-road biking is some of the most beautiful and rugged scenery this planet has to offer.
And if that isn’t a wonderful experience, nothing is.