The Irony Is Not Lost On Us……….

Design team students learn from their professors, machinists, classmates, and even (heaven forbid!) SDELC staff members.
And they even learn from their competitors.
Word comes to us from the ASME-sponsored Human Powered Vehicle Competition in the arctic tundra of western Pennsylvania, that inter-team influences are alive and well.
S&T wowed the 2011 event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a gleaming paint job, innovative technology and a great design report, and that influence is obvious.
This year more teams are mimicking S&T’s 2011 landing gear design, and stepping up their aesthetic efforts in what amounts to building a prototype for developing markets. Ironically, S&T’s bike has been stripped of custom paint jobs, reduced in size, and taken back to a more value-driven approach.
So, what’s the big deal? None, really. It’s just that other teams’ entries are looking more and more like S&T’s earlier designs, while the Miners are heading in the other direction, with Kronos bearing a striking resemblance to the other teams’ entries of yore.
Doesn’t matter. All that counts is who takes home the bragging rights. And the Miners are determined to bring their 3rd national championship back to Rolla.