Temps In The Mid 20s! Let’s Go For A Bike Ride!

It’s supposed to hit 90 degrees today at the SAE Aero event just north of Atlanta, and that really irritates S&T’s famed Human Powered Vehicle Team.
They are waking up to below-freezing temperatures for the all-important endurance race, which, as is often the case, will decide whether S&T or Rose Hulman Institute of Technology takes home the big trophy.
It’s not just about riding/racing. Ross Jensen’s innovative carbon-fiber began to show some stress cracks yesterday, so the Miners built a spare out of steel. How on earth……..?
Well, the good folks at Grove City College (PA) turned the Miners loose overnight, ALL night, in the school’s machine shop, that’s how! That kind of hospitality is de rigueur in student design competitions. Helps to make all teams successful, but tends to slow down students’ speech patterns and coherency the next afternoon.
(ed. They’re young, they’ll get over it.)
In the meantime Nikia Chapman took second in female drag races, using a monster effort to overcome a bearing failure, and Jon Sanders dominated the men’s races.
RHIT won top design honors with Toronto, Olin College and S&T close behind. After the first day’s racing the Miners are in second place overall, so that’s how the endurance races will make all the difference.