Tech Inspection And Presentations

Where have we heard THAT before?
These events aren’t just about racing. Nobody drives, flies, paddles or launches without first being checked out for safety and rules compliance.
After that it’s points-scoring time. We’re pretty sure their engineering reports were turned in and judged many days ago, but today each team’s designated expert got up in from of some pretty experienced aircraft designers/builders to “show them the numbers” and defend their construction ideas.
Group leader Zack Lucker did just that, and quite well, thank you very much. The judges seemed impressed that the plane’s cargo holds and tail booms were “recycled” from the team’s rocket-building side of the shop.
Want an embarrassing moment? Get up to present and find out a judge’s hotel room was right above yours when you were working on the plane (very) late last night. And that he could hear what your were doing. Uh, oh!
The aircrews will gather at the flying field before 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, and that’s when the balsa and carbon fiber carnage, er, flights begin. Make you wonder of the slogan at tonight’s all-team/all-pilot meeting was “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we FLY!
Nah. Probably not.