Short But Sweet

S&T’s Advanced Aero Vehicle Group builds a cargo-carrying, semi-autonomous (when it works) airplane, and an instrument-laden rocket.
The plane has been taking shape nicely but there’s been no sign of rocket building, so we asked the team “what gives?” Is the rocket crew dormant? Have they been an inadvertent victim of the end of the Space Shuttle program? Or have they crafted a “stealth” rocket that is so secret they aren’t telling us?
The reality defies imagination.
Jacob Sinclair emailed to say: “We have been building in the shop, but since the plane needs most of the room we just clean everything (emphasis added -ed.) up when we are done. Our stuff is against the wall most of the time.”
We dialed 911 for fear that the SDELC staff would succumb to mass heart attacks, but everyone seemed to be OK after a few liters of oxygen.
Our response to Jacob was less than diplomatic………
“You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.”
“Clean up after yourselves?? Are you trying to give us coronaries? Do you REALLY expect us to believe a design team would actually DO that? April Fool’s was yesterday, so please, work on your timing!”

Jacob’s embarrassed response: “Sorry, guys. Didn’t mean to scare you. We’ll try to leave stuff lying around from now on” brought things mostly back to normal.
And yes, they DO have a successful rocket, tested in central Missouri over Spring Break. A short but successful flight, marred only by the late deployment of the parachute. Easily repairable damage, but at least it saved time getting the rocket back to earth.