Satisfy Yourself First, Hold Your Head High And Forget The Standings

S&T’s 2012 Steel Bridge Team ran an operation that was as good as it gets. They designed well, practiced hard, tested often, and made changes based on test results., just like the best engineering firms do. They practiced assembly over and over until the team was a well-oiled machine. Load tested the bridge four times until they were certain that it would pass all performance requirements.
More importantly, they held themselves to a very high standard by staying true to the detailed competition rules throughout the whole process.
Did a gremlin or two pop up at competition? Sure! The Miners took some minor penalties during construction by dropping tools or stepping on the forbidden painters’ tape, and in the excitement of moving the bridge they lifted it wrong and compromised the bridge’s load capacity. Human error. It’ll show up any place that people do.
So, life happens. You work toward a goal only to find that perhaps others didn’t play by the published standards. Do you complain? Maybe. File an appeal? Possibly.
Or do you suck it up, think of it as “Integrity uber alles,” promise yourself to treat others fairly, and move on, better prepared for your life and career and just realize life isn’t always fair.
Sometimes that’s just what successful people do.