Let’s Wrap Up Last Week’s Heroic Concrete Canoe Races!

There are so many S&T design teams on the road that it’s hard to make sure each one gets its due.
Last week S&T’s famous Concrete Canoe Team made a great showing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Julie Whitehead’s group not only took top honors in design, and 3rd in oral presentation, but they also recovered from disastrous damage to the boat when it came loose in the trailer. Big cracks on both sides, and sidewalls (gunwales?) that looked like swiss cheese after pieces of concrete popped off the boat. After a few tense minutes the BlogcanoeSUN_9967.jpg
Miners grabbed the duct tape and said “OK, let’s fix this thing!”
Not once, not twice, but three times they taped it up and went back into the fray. They took a big deduction for the taping job, but they didn’t work all year to watch others race.
Results? 5th in women’s endurance and 4th in men’s; 3rd in women’s sprints and 6th for the men, leaving S&T in a pretty respectable 5th place overall in the competition.
And the duct tape? Certainly waterproof, but only if it sticks to the boat. And duct/duck tape doesn’t adhere to wet concrete very well, so the longer they raced, the lower Gold Rush sat in the water. And that makes for tough paddling.