Let The Planes Begin!

Aircraft teams from all over the world are gathered at the Lanier Technical Center in Cummings, Georgia. It’s tech inspection time and the stage, floor and all the banquet tables have been turned into mini-airplane hangers.
This is the first time we’ve seen a team from the People’s Republic of China at an SAE Aero event, and among the foreign teams on site are Brazil, Canada, Poland, India, the Big 12 (KU), and Venezuela.
Each aircraft is checked for rules compliance, safety issues, and center of gravity (CG). We overheard one official mention that if a plane’s CG is too far forward or aft of the wing, it won’t take off.
Makes for short “flights”.
Which leads to the admonition we saw on this shirt this morning………….
Pilot prayerSUN_0256.jpg