Kinda Chilly This Morning……..

Steel Bridge events ruled yesterday; today was the concrete canoe teams’ chance to shine. And shine they did!
Ten mid-continent canoe teams pulled onto the Univ of Nebraska’s luxurious artificial Vine Fields between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. this morning to set up their product displays. And it wasn’t just set the boats on stands. K-State team adopted a “Flight Ready” theme that included a massive plywood propellor and a large pair of faux wings attached stand is if to say “This boat will really FLY!”. Another crew chose a steamboat theme and even mounted a fake smokestack to the rig, and S&T had a wonderful homage to it’s mining heritage, dubbing the boat Gold Rush, and building a mock-up mine entrance to drive home the theme.
Mizzou touted their new athletics conference by hauling “SECret Recipe. Wonder if Harley-Davidson sponsored the Tiger’s boat? We hear Harleys are real popular down in Fayettevlle these past few weeks.t
Today’s big attention getter, the swamp test. No, not THAT kind of swamp!!
Each team had to slide their boat into temporary test tank and then submerge the boat. If it didn’t return to the surface teams lost points. Lot of excitement, lots of fun, and as far as we know all ten teams passed.
Tomorrow will be the collegiate version of NASCAR. Everybody says the are rooting for their respective teams. The rest of the fans? They show up to see who’s boat will crash, break, roll over or run aground. It’ll be fun, believe us!
And yes, there WAS lawn bowling at today’s event, but the keglers had to use concrete bowling balls of their own manufacture. Kinda tough to put a spin on a ball as it skips across the fake grass.