It’s Gonna Be A Duct-Tape* Morning!

It’s cloudy, windy, drizzly, and just over 40 degrees this morning in Lincoln, Nebraska, perfect weather for concrete canoe racing. Bleary-eyed Miners have been stumbling out of the hotel since before first light, and team leader Julie Whitehead has already herded them out to the vehicles and off to the cross-town lake.
A lot of budding engineers are going to get cold, wet, and miserable today, and by the time they get back to their respective campuses they’ll remember this weekend as one of the best times of their lives.
We didn’t mention the range of canoe design approaches yesterday. Some are monsters, some works of art. Arkansas’ boat looks like it could withstand small arms fire, but S&T’S Gold Rush is a thin-skinned beauty that depends on the water to keep the boat in compression. Problem is, one of the straps holding Gold Rush in the trailer came loose, leaving the craft vulnerable to the forces of tension. And concrete, especially thin concrete, doesn’t like tension, so there are some significant cracks to deal with.
And that’s where the duct tape will play a big role in today’s action.
* You did know that duct-tape is the engineer’s favorite tool, right? And that the U.S. military calls it “hundred-mile-an-hour tape”?