International Cooperation In The Space Business

It was obvious at this weekend’s NASA-sponsored University Student Launch Initiative, that rocket engineers around the word share a passion for this science that transcends languages and political borders.
To that end three university teams (too shy to be identified) partnered to salute North Korea’s recent attempt to place a satellite in orbit. Those thoughtful USLI schools set up a three-rocket show of solidarity with the Hermit Kingdom’s fledgling space program, with these results:
Rocket #1: Failed to ignite
Rocket #2: “Lawn darted” (under full thrust, we presume)
Rocket #3: The main parachute deployed during ascent, shredding both the rocket and the chute.
Other teams in attendance passed the hat to help send the rocket’s primary contractor, Wile E. Coyote, Chief Engineer of the Acme Rocket Company, back to North Korea to assist in the investigation.