Lots To Be Learned From Rocket Launches

Chief engineer Jacob Sinclair describes this weekend’s University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) as follows:
“It went OK. Due to the weather they delayed the competition until Sunday, and we ended up launching just before noon.”
“For some reason the drogue ‘chute failed to deploy this time even though the altimeters were programmed correctly. The main chute still ejected on time, and we were all surprised that despite the partial failure there was no damage to the rocket tube. The payload didn’t work as planned but we think it’s an issue of writing to an SD card.”
“We were disappointed to only reach an altitude of 3,704 feet. It was pretty windy when we launched and we thought we went higher. We’ll double check the altimeter after we get back to campus and catch up on our classes.”
“Overall it was a good learning experience for all of the first-time attendees, and our team members who’ve been to USLI learned something as well. So it was a successful weekend.”
Former AAVG team leader and S&T alum Dave Althuis came back to the USLI to cheer on the Miners, and forwarded this stirring video, produced by team member Alex Crook, of S&T’s launch and recovery.