And From Up North We Hear………

That S&T’s Human Powered Vehicle Team is doing well.
Screaming down the street by pedal power seems to be a very bonding experience. “All the teams are happy to see each other again,” says Miner Jon Sanders. “Things seem even friendlier than in recent years.”
And yes, it was tech inspection today, and Jon thinks the design scoring could be snatched by powerful Toronto, S&T, Rose Huhlman, or even up-and-coming Olin College. “Dashiell Moore and I did well in the design presentation” Jon related, “but the east coast seems to becoming the stronger of the two ASME events, so it’s anybody’s game.”
S&T’s flashy 2011 Titan, made a big impression, because more teams are showing up with sophisticated “landing gear”, and some of the upper echelon schools are stepping up their paint jobs to keep pace with what S&T stunned everyone with last year.
The Miners have scaled back the weight, cost, and flashy paint scheme of the 2011 bike, and Kronos passed the braking test just fine. They did have a bearing work loose on their innovative carbon-fiber chassis boom, but that’s back under control.
Tonight? Supposed to be 29 degrees but dinner with the University of Toronto team should warm things up.
Tomorrow? Sprints and double-elimination drag races.
Photos when we get ’em.