Wanna Name S&T’s New Solar Car?

OK, first, don’t panic and send a fiery email your congressman, professor, or the new S&T Chancellor. The S&T Solar Car Team is asking for your input in whether to retire the venerable “Solar Miner” label from active use.
Why change such a celebrated name? Here’s the thought behind the proposal:
The American Solar Challenge* rules have changed to make the 2012 solar car race more of a challenge, yet more affordable at the same time. Banned are the powerful (and very expensive) gallium-arsenide cells that powered the Miners’ cars for most of the past decade. In their place ALL teams must use a less-powerful (and FAR less expensive) silicon array, while trying to match or surpass the speed and endurance.
Now, S&T’s team has also changed. Lots of dedicated freshmen, a few knowledgable veterans, and a whole new way of looking at things. And they want a name they can call their own.
New manufacturing techniques for the body panels, a much sleeker-looking car, changes to the chassis/belly pan arrangement, and a more stable center of gravity.
So, what’s your thought? Continue with “Solar Miner”? That would make the new car “Solar Miner VIII”.
Do you have a stunning new name that Miner alumni could really get behind? We’re all ears, and we’ll forward all suggestions (printable or not) to the Solar Car Team.
As with all the other student design teams, all design and build decisions rest with the students themselves. After all, they are the ones who do all the work. It’s only fair.
As always, thank you for your support!
Rest assured, the #42 will ALWAYS remain sacred to the Solar Miners, no matter what label the car may wear.
*Late July, Rochester NY to St Paul, Minnesota.