S&T Engineers Without Borders Hosts Conference, Gets Award!

EWBSUN_2151blog.jpgS&T EWB president Grace Harper is just gushing over the success of the EWB-USA Midwest Regional Conference, held at S&T this past weekend.
110 attendees from nine university teams, three professional chapters, and the MU School of Public Health gathered for a series of presentations on program quality, fundraising, recruitment, report writing, and all the other mundane activities needed to make these overseas trips possible. Technology-focused breakout sessions took up a good part of the second day, where students and faculty (even from KU!) shared some “lessons learned” from previous trips. Speakers covered everything from rebar-bending, scaffolding, insulation requirements for sewage systems, the ins-and-outs of bio-sand filters, and especially the role the local population plays in these projects’ success.
EWB-USA Executive Director Cathy Leslie presented the S&T chapter with the Midwest Region Premiere Chapter Award that recognizes excellence in EWB-USA projects and highlights projects that deliver high quality, sustainable solutions to help meet the basic needs of partnering communities abroad.
Grace says “this award recognizes chapters’ projects and technical design, outreach/PR, collaboration with professional chapters, fundraising events, and how we improved since the past year. It allows us to to compete with the other regional winners for the national premier chapter award, which will be announced in March, 2012.”
One S&T student commented that “the whole weekend people RAVED so much about S&T, the conference, our projects, and the award, it was almost embarrassing.”
Hey, if it’s the truth, why be self-consious?