The Unsung Heroes Of The Design Teams

Each of the ten SDELC teams pretty much marches to the beat of their own drum. Students elect their own leaders, develop designs and strategy, and head off to competition on their own.
RandallP5050239blog.jpg But what happens when a team has the proverbial (and common) “Oh, Crap!” moment? They run screaming to their faculty advisor and beg for technical help. Yes, each team has an official staff or faculty advisor who provides the professional evaluations that tell the team “No, that’ll be fine”, “Have you considered this?”, or “Yep, you guys are REALLY up a creek this time!” Advisors are like outside technical consultants who have the authority to take a team member’s access away, or worse yet, rescind a team’s credit cards.
Right now we’d like to recognize Randall Lewis, BAJA!!! SAE team advisor, who has just been named the Miner Alumni Association’s 2011 Outstanding Student Advisor!
Randall’s had his hands full with this bunch, who only got into action in 2006. Getting a team off the ground is much harder than keeping an eye on a decade-old group that has smoothed out its operations. BAJA!!! is finally past their teething period and coalescing into a smooth-running operation, so we look for great things from them this year. And a lot of that credit goes to Randall.
Randall was feted for sacrificing his own time, helping with sophisticated CNC programming, and otherwise riding herd on the group. Students say “Randall is always busy in his shop teaching or preparing labs or helping students or running machines, but always makes time to help us. He really sacrifices a lot us, including many late nights.”
Did we mention that team advisors are strictly volunteers? Typically no reward but for the eternal gratitude of the students who drive them nuts. And that’s why we’re tickled to see that several BAJA!!! students took the time to nominate Randall for this award.
Richly deserved!