Robo-Miners Take 8th On IGVC Autonomous Course!

IGVCSUN_3040.jpg It’s taken harried IGCV officials nearly a month to crunch the mountains of data, but the news is out! The S&T Robotics Competition Team rocketed to eight place, their “best ever” autonomous challenge course finish since the Miners started in the event in 2005!
J”omega”Tron’s redesign, and then “re-“ redesign once the Miners got to the Michigan event paid off with a quick-handling and energy-efficient machine. That’s not to say that there weren’t challenges a-plenty but it was the improved obstacle-recognition software that did the trick. The AI systems have been the thorn in the Miners’ backsides since the early days, and despite pretty erratic showings in previous IGVC events the Miners kept learning, experimenting and testing, and this year it all seemed to come together nicely. Compared to previous years the ‘bot seemed to launch itself down the course, deftly swinging past obstruction after obstruction.
Lastly (and we’re gonna get in SO much trouble for mentioning this), 2011 was also the first time the team had enough sense to chose to elect a woman as team leader. We think for all the technical progress and problems of the seven years, it should not be considered a coincidence that having a woman in charge equates to success. It may not be politically correct, but we try hard to “speaka da truth” around here.
Great job, Miriah!