S&T Robotics Competition Team’s Best Event Ever!

RobotDSC_3138.jpgThe Miner robotics crew has to be feeling pretty good after their trip back from Michigan Tuesday.
The official scoring hasn’t been released yet, but we do know this:
Only about 50% of the teams in attendance managed to qualify for the obstacle course.
S&T’s 174-foot run would have tied for 8th place in 2010.
J”omega”Tron’s revamped drive system was a huge success, proving that new ideas aren’t always as successful as the old ones. Just because you can make a project more sophisticated doesn’t mean you should.
At one point Sunday the Miners had the longest run of the day as several other qualifying schools struggled to go more than a few dozen yards.
Miriah’s crew tweaked the GPS inputs for Monday’s final runs, but as in real life, conditions are subject to change. Event officials sometimes move obstacles to keep machines from “learning” the course too well, and that became a problem for several robots, including S&T’s. It wasn’t that the vehicles couldn’t handle the obstacle relocation, the issue was the change uncovered a big patch of dead grass. The few machines made it that far interpreted the brown spot as another vertical obstruction, so per their programming they’d refuse to go farther.
Our Jordanian friends? They were thrilled to qualify early Monday afternoon, but we haven’t heard how they did on the playing field. We were hoping they get the “Rookie of the Year” award but it didn’t work out. They certainly overcame a lot of challenges, so we couldn’t think of a more worthy candidate.