Miner Robotics Team Making Good Progress

.Here’s a bullet-point update on JΩTron and its creators;
Modifications to the drive system have worked like a charm. Swapping two large drive wheels for a single caster wheel has JΩTron spinning like a ballerina
The AI system, according to Miriah, is working great but the ‘bot is still confused. Seems the GPS component is not talking to the machine’s “brain”, but SDELC shop manager Richard Dalton believes that’ll be an easy fix.
When “Joe” goes into partial shutdown, it tells you so with a hearty “JΩTron standing by!” Very unusual for IGVC.
The event’s huge generator is having an on-again, off-again relationship with the main operations tent. It’ll work for a while then quit. Could be worse; a few years ago the generator ground to a smoking, smelly stop.
The latest P.A. announcement? “If anyone has a spare safety light, could they please take it to the Jordanian team?”
The University of Waterloo was kind enough to loan us a laptop power supply, without which there wouldn’t be many blog posts.
The weather is great! Not too hot, not too humid, and just a hint of a breeze. Very comfortable.
Still plenty of time for the Miners to qualify for the big dance.