Mea Culpa. Or, Why Can’t These Computers Talk To Each Other?

For the past few days we’ve been blathering on about “JomegaTron” and the great job the Miner Robotics Team has been doing.
We’ve tried real hard to insert the Greek letter “Ω” in the robot’s name so the text matches the robot’s logo emblazoned on the front.
It worked Friday through Monday, but Today? No. The Omega sign shows up as a question mark “?“in the text, and that’s an ironic symbol for our confusion.
We’re trying to fix the code, but just like the robots “….it worked yesterday, why won’t it work today?”
Technology. Sheesh.
Update: Right after we posted this comment/gripe, things started working again. Today? Nope, back to “?” instead of the Omega sign.
Go figure!


  1. Andrew Careaga says

    Bob – Have you tried typing this code?
    According to the ampersand, followed by the word “Omega,” followed by the semicolon, should render the Greek alphabetical symbol for Omega.