Lunch Break Is Over; More Attempts To Follow

We have to leave soon to catch our flight back to St Louis, so here’s a quick update…….
This morning’s record-breaking (for us) run took place without any GPS input, so the ‘bot didn’t know which way to go at a fork in the road. James Anderson dialed in a little GPS influence on the second run, but it didn’t help much.
During lunch the crew increased the GPS factor and ran some more tests, the results of which really have the Miners pumped for more afternoon success. We’ll stick around to cover the 3rd heat, but any other reports will be texted to us by Chris Painter.
No matter what happens 2011 will be the Miners’ most successful IGVC obstacle course ever. We kid them about last year’s 19-inch foray, but if memory serves the best S&T has done here was 22 feet down the course. The 2011 run was was almost exactly eight times that far.
Pretty impressive!