JΩTron Even Talks!

It’s one thing do do a great job presenting your design philosophy to the IGVC judges, which is what James Anderson, Mike Chrisco and Miriah Anderson did this afternoon. It’s quote another to have your robot do it for you.
JΩTron threw the judges for a loop when, as soon as the timing clock started, “Joe” introduced himself, told the officials why he was there, and introduced James, Miriah, and Mike as the ‘real’ presenters. The evaluators were taken aback and had big grins on their faces, so apparently few if any teams have successfully pulled this stunt.
After that the Miners headed to the practice field to run the ‘bot around some obstacles, but it seems the morning’s trouble shooting ran the batteries down so “Joe” wouldn’t turn well. As of 5 p.m. local time it was back to the pits, hook up the battery charger and do some more tweaking.
We might get a break from the heat; seems there’s a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until late tonight. Oh. Great.