Rookie Jordanian Team Hanging In There

The German-Jordanian University (GJU) , based in Amman, Jordan, is one of several rookie teams at IGVC 2011. Their school name describes the partnership the Jordanian school has established with German universities and industry.
Unique in Jordanian educational circles, GJU sends all its students to Germany for a semester’s worth of elective engineering courses (taught in German). They get to learn the German culture, educational system, and even the host schools’ study habits, all while applying for internships in German industry. The students’ nearly year-long ‘sabbatical’ wraps up with a five-month stint working in German firms.
According to GJU Professor Nathir Rawashdeh, these students return to Jordan “all grown up.” Their experiences not only open their eyes to the rest of the world, but also gives them a sense that “they can do anything or be anything.” Dr. Rawashdeh remembers in his youth that “I had great ideas of what I wanted to be, but I found relatively few opportunities. I pushed hard for the GJU to sponsor this new team as a way of empowering our students to take whatever path they desire. I want to show my students the world is getting smaller, and with hard work you can create your own opportunities.”
“It is crucial that our students form international relationships. It will broaden their own perspectives, and in some small way, I hope, contribute to world peace and prosperity.”
We’re pleased that Dr. Rawashdeh’s perspective is nearly identical to that of Missouri S&T’s Student Design and Experiential Learning Center (SDELC). See what the rest of the world has to offer. Learn from others and network with your peers. We’ll all be better for it.
Oh, by the way. The GJU folks fixed their safety light themselves, but they want to say a big “THANKS!” to host Oakland University for loaning them a new controller. It seems GJU accidentally released the “magic blue smoke” from their own circuit board.
And no connection, but the generator just shot craps again.


  1. Thanks, Bob, for writing about us. It was a pleasure to meet you. We had a great experience and hope to be back next year. We were able to be one of the 21 teams who have qualified (out of 44).