It’s Robotics Time In Michigan!

S&T’s Robotics Competition Team set up camp today in Auburn Hills, Michigan, just north of Chrysler’s wold headquarters, for the annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition hosted by Oakland University.
The team’s mechanical engineers, led by Chris Painter, finished JΩmegatron’s (pronounced Joe-Megatron, get it?) motive platform some weeks ago so they don’t have a whole lot to do on day #1. Team leader Miriah Anderson had other ideas and assigned them a new task; cooking and cleaning.
While Mike Chrisco and the other EE/CompSci majors were playing “Whack-a-Mole” with intermittent coding issues, Chris, Miriah and other team members cooked up a big batch of spaghetti and hauled dinner over to the puzzled AI (artificial intelligence) experts.
It seems the robot can’t “see” one of the motor controllers, so today’s conversation went something like this:
Miriah: “Things aren’t so good”
Mike: “We don’t know what’s wrong. It always worked reliably in Rolla, so we have to go through all our code to find the error”
Chris Bessent (computer science lead): “Wait a minute! We found the problem!” “Oh, uh, crap never mind, that’s not it!”
Mike: “Well, we found and corrected some code errors that might have contributed to the problem, so it looks like a long night of staring at code. Again.”
Not to worry, this is kinda normal at the IGVC. All the Miners have to do tomorrow is make their design presentation, so they’ll have plenty of time to correct the issue and qualify for Monday’s obstacle course.